Power Backups

Supply of continuous power is a necessity for smooth operations of hospitals. Frequent power outages are a cause of grave concern for patient health. Thus, emergency power backups are essential especially in hospitals that are located in areas where power supply is erratic. ICICI Foundation mapped all areas where power supply was a concern and provided backups for continuous electric supply.

Uninterruptible Power Supply: Oxygen concentrators need uninterrupted power supply. UPS system are being provided in hospitals to provide steady power supply to oxygen concentrator. During power outages, oxygen concentrator immediately switches to UPS system for operation.

Solar Power Backup: In some places, Solar powered UPS backup systems are being provided to hospitals. Thus, oxygen concentrator can run on clean solar energy during power outages.

Diesel Generators: High capacity diesel generators are being provided to hospitals according to the requirements. This shall ensure smooth operations of hospitals and ensure hassle-free treatment to patients.

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