This programme seeks to empower start-ups focusing on sustainable development in India. Since its inception, ICICI Foundation has designed sustainable ecosystems resolving the underlying issues. This ground-up change involved empowering self-help groups (SHGs), producer organisations and small-scale entrepreneurs to run nano or micro-enterprises profitably.

These initial business ecosystems bridged the technology, knowledge and skill gap between rural and developed markets through the value chains. These projects evolved, stabilised and succeeded in creating profitable micro-enterprises while supporting the beneficiaries.

Their growth and profitability paved the way for the next business opportunity in the development sector; sustainability-minded start-ups. Hence, we have chosen to foster socially conscientious start-ups through our incubation programme – Iinpact. This programme focuses on start-ups resolving rural issues or leveraging urban opportunities while building a profitable business.

This unique incubator programme offers a fundamental support system to start-ups at every step of the way. Technology expertise, business learnings and grassroots-level management advice can empower the start-up team to accelerate their start-up to the greater heights. This tri-dimensional team of experts, involving ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth, XIM University and a sector-specific institute, fosters the start-ups holistically. Since this team understands the start-ups seeking profitability and sustainable solutions on each level, this programme is the most valuable opportunity for social entrepreneurs. The integral approach to entrepreneurial ventures has the potential to influence underprivileged communities along with the success potential of start-ups.

Founders receive interest-free, expense-free and dilution-safe funding too. Financial, knowledge-based and skill level assistance is an incomparable opening for ventures operating in fluctuating market conditions.

While the application process is closed, keep an eye on our social media platforms for future announcements!