Kaushal Utsav
Kaushal Utsav

ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth encourages an exhibition/sale of handmade products handcrafted by our trainees residing in rural. Under the banner of “Kaushal Utsav”, exhibitions are an effort to display the talent of our trainees from rural areas to the mainstream, by contributing & appreciating their means of livelihood.

Organised in association with ICICI Bank, Kaushal Utsav, primarily held within the bank premises. The exhibition held across 72 locations spreading across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat and Assam.

With the digital transactions at the exhibition we becomes a small part of their liberating journey & a confidence booster for the livelihood they deserve

Products like Jute bag, Pillow Covers, Duppata, Salwar Kurta, Fancy Bag, Artificial Jewelleries and Desi Ghee, Groundnut, Rice, Agriculture & Allied Products made it to the top sellers.


Blood Donation
Blood Donation

The blood donation drive is an annual camp that is a tradition in the ICICI family. We encourage employees and customers to come and donate blood at our premises. The main beneficiary of the drive is our strategic healthcare blood bank partner. We, ensure that these donations benefit the less privileged. In FY 2019-20, these camps held across 13 states through 33 camps with a total participation of 4,886 donors and a collection of 2,684 units of blood.


Daan Utsav 2019/20

Daan Utsav is an annual event held in association with ICICI Bank and Give India. This provides an opportunity for employees and customers of the ICICI Group to contribute to social development causes. These proceeds are disbursed across identified projects.


Health Camps – Pan-India
Health Camps

ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth has been undertaking vision-screening camps with an execution partner. In order to diversify the healthcare portfolio, the Foundation has collaborated with a partner to undertake medical camps in addition to existing vision camps. There are medical screening camps across various states of India. A panel of doctors assembled based on the scale of the event and the prevalence of medical conditions in each particular region. As part of the camp, patients are provided necessary medication free of cost. We are hoping to reach out to 15,000 individuals.


Human-Wildlife Conflict

Sundarbans, West Bengal

Human-wildlife conflicts have had a damaging effect on the ecosystem. In an effort to minimise these conflicts, ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth, along with an execution partner, will undertake the collaring of tigers in order to monitor tiger movement and behaviour in the Sundarbans tiger reserve area. The area is frequented by locals for collecting non-timber forest resources. The collaring of tigers will provide the forest directorate with a better understanding of the movement of tigers and help to better demarcate zones for locals to access.


Watershed Management

Dandegaon village, Bhum block, Osmanabad

Watershed Management

After a successful project undertaken in Kajala village in Osmanabad, where 39 million litres of water were conserved, ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth, armed with the knowledge from the project, will now be embarking on a project in Dandegaon village in Bhoom block in Osmanabad district. This intervention plans to cover over 500 hectares of land and benefiting 218 farmer households.


Dialysis Machines

Uttar Pradesh & Jharkhand

Dialysis Machines

The shortage of dialysis machines in India is acute. The projected requirement for India is around 2,00,000 machines, while our existing capacity is just 25,000. This shortage has created a serious impediment to the lesser privileged in receiving timely treatment. Having already deployed four machines in Assam, ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth will provide another four to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.


Digital Literacy

Himachal Pradesh

In order, to digitally empower India’s non-urban population and bring them into the digital mainstream, thereby enhancing their digital knowledge, ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth, along with a partner school, is striving to reach out to the rural population in Himachal Pradesh with the intent to develop computer and digital literacy.


Nutrition for Children Ailing From Cancer

AIIMS, Delhi

Nutrition for Children Ailing From Cancer

Nutrition is a critical component of treatment protocols for cancer patients. It is even more relevant in the case of children undergoing cancer treatments. However, families with a scarcity in resources are unable to provide adequate nutrition to children, leading to suboptimal results from the treatment. ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth, along with a ground partner, will provide free nutrition to all children receiving cancer treatment at AIIMS Delhi, as well as provide free nutrition counselling under the programme. The programme will provide nutrition supplements to 60 children over 12 visits during the year.


Preserving Heritage Music


ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth, along with a partner, has undertaken the task of archiving and documenting folk and indigenous music across all the states of India. This will help preserve and display the musical diversity of our country through a rich and dynamic digital presence.