ICICI Group and Foundation has a rich heritage of fostering several blood donation camps over the years because blood saves lives. To strive to support the rising demand for blood supply sustainably, employees of ICICI Group, trainers and trainees of ICICI Academy for Skills have participated in XX blood donation camps.  However, our commitment extends to proffer blood bank equipment and XXX vehicles across XX states of India.  Our blood donation, blood collection and transportation vehicles in XX charitable and XX government hospitals promote regular blood donation and collection.


Blood Donation Camps / Units

Blood Donation Vehicles

Blood Bank Support

Blood Collection and Transportation Vehicles





Vision has a crucial impact on the life and livelihood potential of the underprivileged sections of society. Hence, in association with Vision Spring, our XXX outreach eye screening camps were conducted in XX districts. Out of them, XX camps were in XX aspirational districts of India. These camps screened XXXX beneficiaries and gave eyeglasses to XXX beneficiaries. In addition, we solar-powered charitable eye hospital, empowered XX eye surgeries via eye surgery equipment in X states.


Eye tests

Eye Glasses

Eye Surgeries




To make healthcare affordable and accessible to underserved communities in India, we empower charitable and government hospitals as well as hospitals of defence organisations of India. Be it a 100-bed cancer ward, nutrition for children with cancer, solar panels for a charitable hospital or a cancer screening vehicle, our need-based healthcare initiatives aim to facilitate the medical treatment for lesser privileged patients in India. 


No. of Medical Vehicles

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The number of patients in need of dialysis treatment and the number of deaths due to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has escalated without a corresponding rise in dialysis treatment infrastructure. Since this need has intensified in rural India, we have proffered XXXX dialysis machines in XXX districts, XX of which are aspirational districts from XX states. These machines can enable free-of-cost dialysis treatment of XXXXX patients. Most of them are from XX tier-two or lower cities.

In addition to our commitment to high-quality medical treatment, we remain steadfast in offering holistic and proactive healthcare support. From Covid-19 vaccinations to non-toxic and sustainable eco-bio traps to mitigate mosquito-borne diseases, our initiatives seek to protect the health of unserved communities. We fostered hygienic drinking water to curtail water-borne diseases and foster general well-being through X RO water purifier plants, 210 medical-grade water tanks and X water filters in X states of India.  Aligning with Har-Ghar-Nal-Ka-Jal initiative, we designed a unique skill training initiative for better access to drinking water. This empowers beneficiaries to resolve their water supply issues independently and receive tap water in rural Bihar.