Mrs. Saranya Arumugam, 35 years old has two children viz., Lokesh Studying 4th std Harish in 3rd std studying in a Govt school.  Her husband Arumugam is unemployed and addict to alcohol not supporting the family rather who frequently creates problem to her in various ways demanding her money every day to meet his expenses for his addiction.

She don’t have a proper shelter living in a hut made of banners and sheets, she was earning around Rs.100 to 150 per day by working as agriculture wage employee, and earnings also seasonal which is not enough to meet her family needs. She was in a dire need to improve her family social status.

As Sithalingamadam has been identified for Digital village, ICICI foundation rural initiative Division conducted FGD and understood the need of the village and offered training for Women in Dress Designing for Women, Community facilitator of sithalingamadam village Karthik visited her and briefed about the program, She has shown interest and enrolled for the program.

During the training period she has faced various hurdles from her husband he has kept insisting he to discontinue the training however she managed it bravely. She has learnt the required skill sincerely and not missed even a single session, very attentive and sincere.  EDP sessions has further given her courage and become self confident.

After the completion of the course she purchased a new sewing machine for Rs.4000 with her savings amount and started stitching from her hut, now she is earning Rs.200 per day approx.  And she is now able to manage her family happily even without the help of her husband’s salary. She conveyed her gratitude to ICICI Foundation.