Devaram Meghwal

“When times became harder, I became tougher.”

I am Devaram from Jodhpur. My only learning in life is that if you do not give up and keep toiling – struggles finally end.

“I moved from hardships to hope.”

The list of hardships that I faced in life is long. My struggles started when I was young. My father passed away when I was just 16 years old and I was responsible for supporting our family of 6. I went to Bengaluru to try and get a job as a carpenter but did not succeed. I had no money and had to sleep on the streets.

A friend asked me to start a business of running taxis with him. I took a loan to buy the taxi. My friend cheated me and I was left with nothing at a time when my wife was pregnant with our first child. To make both ends meet, I tried many jobs from working as a truck driver at the ports of Gujarat to working as a security guard in Jodhpur. Somehow, nothing clicked.

To make matters worse, my family home caught fire. I took loans in my wife’s name to rebuild the upper floor that was destroyed. I could not repay the loans because of my unstable income. I felt that my back was broken. And then… I got a lifeline that rekindled my hope. I enrolled for a free skill development course at the ICICI Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI).

“I learnt to take charge and change my life.”

I signed up for the Plumbing and Sanitation course and in just 30 days, I learned every aspect of being a skilled plumber. The free training programme at the ICICI RSETI enabled me to learn a skill that changed the course of my life. Besides the skill, I also learnt the basics of grooming, communication and financial management that prepared me for the real world. I worked hard at the training centre and absorbed as much knowledge as I could. The course helped me in discovering a new Devaram – a man with potential and brimming with self-confidence.

“The greatest reward of hard work is a brighter future.”

Once the course was over, I started working on a freelance basis and took small plumbing contracts in my village. My dedication to my work and my desire to excel helped me in getting more contracts and earning more. I have now purchased a bike with my savings. I repay my loans on time and I am able to provide my family a comfortable lifestyle.

I believe that the credit for my success goes to the ICICI RSETI. The skill and knowledge that I gained from the RSETI coupled with my hard work and commitment opened a world of endless opportunities for me. My dream is to now start working on contracts in Hyderabad or Bengaluru and expand my plumbing business. I am very optimistic about my future. I know I have what it takes to succeed.