Bhabhut Giri

“I could hardly meet my household expenses and was in debt.”

My name is Bhabhut Giri. I was born in Shivgaon in Rajasthan. My father was the only earning member and it was a challenge to make ends meet for our family of 8 – my parents and my siblings. I decided to quit regular school after Standard 10 and started working in a welding shop to supplement our income. I cleared my Standard 12 examinations while working as a welder, earning only Rs. 1,500 per month.

Nothing changed even after I finished school and got married. I tried my hand at various trades from working in a bicycle repair shop to working as a labourer. I could never earn enough to meet my household expenses. I even took on a debt of Rs. 1,00,000 with no means to pay it back. My wife and I were anxious about the future of our 4 kids.

Life changing experiences come in the strangest forms. One day, I saw a wall painting describing the free skill development courses offered at ICICI RSETI, Jodhpur. A call to the centre and a subsequent visit convinced me to join a course and get skilled.

“Not only did I get skilled at the ICICI RSETI but also built relationships for life.”

I had always been interested in technology and on the advice of the counsellors at the RSETI, I enrolled for the free 30-days ‘Cellphone Repairs and Service’ course. The training was intense and I enjoyed every moment. There were days when I stayed beyond the normal training hours to learn at the centre and I received support from my trainers at every step.

Not only did I learn how to repair mobiles, but also learnt the basics of managing my money and starting my own business. The centre was extremely well equipped and a mandatory on-the-job training helped me in getting ready for the next stage of my life.

“I now run the most successful mobile shop in my area.”

After completing the course, I decided to open my own mobile repairing shop. Since I had no money, my friends came forward to help. Today, Shiv Shakti Mobile – my little outfit employs 3 people and customers come to us from far and wide. Our monthly income has crossed Rs. 25,000. I have paid off my loans and have renovated my house. I am saving for my children and my wife and I feel assured about our future. I am also planning to take a loan from a bank to buy new equipment and expand my shop.

I am still in touch with the ICICI RSETI and my trainers. Over the last three years, I have been a part of their mobilisation initiatives and have sent over 40 people to the centre for the free skill development courses. I feel very proud when the RSETI sends students to my shop for on-the-job training. My dream is to open a training centre one day so that I can ensure that others get access to employment opportunities.

There was a time in my life when I was not sure of where our next meal would come from whereas today, I am busy making plans for the future. This transformation in my life is only due to ICICI RSETI. Thanks ICICI for helping me and many others like me in starting afresh and getting the power to dream.