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Over 74,000 youth trained till March 31, 2016

Development of 250 schools as Right to Education compliant

Our Vision

To be a leading institution for the promotion of inclusive growth in India by contributing to the key enablers required for widespread participation in economic opportunities in the country.

Our Mission

We will promote inclusive growth in India through focused initiatives in the identified areas including primary healthcare, elementary education, skill development & sustainable livelihood, financial inclusion and rural development.

Financial Inclusion

Financial Literacy Programme

Financial literacy is the first step to achieve financial inclusion, creating the need to seek and receive financial services and products. To increase awareness about organised banking and insurance channels, ICICI Foundation provides a Financial Literacy Programme.
ICICI Foundation through its Rural Self Employment Training Institutes reaches out to unemployed rural youth and engages them in a Financial Literacy Programme spanning 12 hours of training. It is an integral part of all courses conducted at the ICICI RSETIs. The module engages with the youth through audio-visuals, flip-charts, games and self-analysis questionnaires. The training focuses on building awareness and cultivating healthy financial habits such as maintaining financial records, regular savings and investments. As a result, many of our trainees are now actively using banking channels and have secured credit linkages.

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