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Over 20,000 underprivileged youth   trained in FY2015

Our Education Programme   impacts around 13 million   children

Our Vision

To be a leading institution for the promotion of inclusive growth in India by contributing to the key enablers required for widespread participation in economic opportunities in the country.

Our Mission

We will promote inclusive growth in India through focused initiatives in the identified areas including primary healthcare, elementary education, skill development & sustainable livelihoods and financial inclusion.

Elementary Education

ICICI Foundation believes that access to quality education is a prerequisite for India’s growth to be inclusive. Therefore, we support various education programmes in partnership with government institutions, aimed at systemic improvement in teaching-learning outcomes across Government sector schools.

School and Teacher Education Reform Programme, Rajasthan & Chhattisgarh

ICICI Foundation in collaboration with the Directorate of Elementary Education, State Institute of Education Research and Training and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (the Government of India’s flagship programme for achievement of universalisation of elementary education) aims to support and enable education functionaries to deliver quality education in alignment with the current government mandates and strengthen strengthen school and teacher education reform. Read More read more